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Capturing Exotic flavours of the East.

We’re known for blending the best combinations of spices from our father’s secret recipes for over 30 years in England which are loved by all communities. Find out more about our marinades on this website and stay tuned for our latest competitions and news.

“We’ve loved these exotic flavours since we were kids and now as Managing Directors of Ever East, We’ve got the opportunity to give everyone a chance to experience these amazing flavours like we were able to.”

Ayaz Ahmad & Aisha Ahmad

It’s convenient, It’s authentic

Why waste time trying to blend spices for your dry marinade? We live in a busy fast paced environment where our kitchens have adapted to quick recipes matching our lifestyles. Evereast brings you that convenience combined with true authentic flavours ready in no time.

Following daddy’s secret recipe from over 40 years ago.


Fresh Spice


Our dry marinades are ready to use and have the perfect balance capturing the true authentic rich flavours and spices of the East. Treat your tastebuds and experience the flavours enjoyed by Badshahs, Maharajas, Emporers and the many tribes and communities of the East.


Our Products

Our amazing dry marinades are available in 100g packs or 300g packs for your convenience.

Tandoori Masala
for Lamb 300g


Southern Fried Chicken Coating 300g


Tandoori Masala
for Chicken 300g


Tandoori Masala
for Fish 300g


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