The EverEast Story

A Dream Come True!

Ayaz Ahmad, one of the co-founders of ‘Ever East Limited,’ experienced a dream where he received a divine message to embark on this new business journey. Despite holding a degree in Psychology and being a certified teacher, Ayaz faced challenges in finding stable employment within the teaching field. Nevertheless, he perceived this as a test from a higher power and persisted in his efforts to support his family.

Youtuber NaveedCentral (and Cousin of Ayaz & Aisha) learning about the Ever East story. (By the way – He can eat!!!)

In 2017, before retiring for the night, Ayaz Ahmad earnestly prayed for a divine inspiration to kickstart a new business venture he was contemplating. During his slumber, a voice within his dream instructed him to leverage his Father’s treasured, closely-guarded recipes dating back to 1984 for creating tantalizing marinades. Awaking from this dream, Ayaz felt elated and profoundly grateful, offering prostration as a gesture of thanks to the Divine for this remarkable idea. Having worked at his Father’s Fast Food Takeaways during his youth, Ayaz was already acquainted with these secret recipes, adding to the astonishment he felt.

Eager to transform this vision into reality, Ayaz confided in his sister, Aisha, sharing his dream and inviting her to partake in this entrepreneurial journey. Recognising the immense potential, Aisha wholeheartedly agreed to join forces. As the saying goes, “The rest is history.”

Daddy’s Recipe

An exceedingly spontaneous individual, our Father Mr. Ahmed always reveled in the allure of fresh endeavors. Numerous avenues held his interest, yet it was the mystique surrounding the legendary flavours and aromatic spices of cuisine that fascinated him the most. This fascination ignited his entry into the food industry back in 1984.

Even amidst the bustling responsibilities of managing the fast food takeaway and raising a family (and having to deal with the antics of a wild teenager (Me!)), he found time for his cherished hobby: experimenting and refining various spice combinations. Our Father’s dedication and relentless effort bore fruit as he crafted the finest marinades, leading to the delight of countless satisfied customers and community.

Sadly, a somber twist of fate unfolded in 2001 when he underwent a life-altering heart transplant, causing his health to decline dramatically. However, possessing an indomitable spirit, Daddy never entertained the notion of surrender.

In 2017, upon hearing Ayaz’s dream, that same flame for venturing forth was rekindled. The passion and determination to bring it to fruition resurfaced. Our Father, ever generous, shared his prized recipes with us, and now we’re extending that flavourful experience to you.

Our father took his last breath on Thursday 6th of February 2020 and left us all feeling hollow however his character, strength. attitude and humble nature powered us to continue growing this business to see that dream come true.

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